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Night Vision

Thermal Imaging

Fusion Imaging (Night Vision and Thermal together)


Technology available

Electro-optics for land sea and air applications

Night Vision

  • Observation, (hand held or tripod mounted) short and long range surveillance.
  • Weapon scopes with mounts for all rifles, with or without laser illuminator, full mil spec
  • Under water applications including for full-face mask or hand operated for beachhead surveillance.
  • Airborne applications, gimbals or hand held `stabilized gyro’
  • Long range lenses
  • Test benches and apparatus for test and calibration of image intensifiers and Night Vision Products

Thermal Imaging (Infrared) 3-5 micron and 8-12 micron

  • Observation and camera systems, Infrared (Thermal imaging) hand held, tripod, vehicle and airborne mounted, for short and long range surveillance.

Long range video surveillance(DAY)

  • Special cameras and telephoto lenses for targets up to 50 kilometers

Underwater apparatus

  • For diver operation, special breathing apparatus, Night Vision