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Thermal Imaging Binocular - Long Range

IR-2100 and IR-2200 Thermal Imaging Binoculars

IR-2100 and IR-2200 allow users to detect people, weapons and animals in any harsh environment such as total darkness, haze, dust, sleet, forest, grass, disguise, etc., turning night to day. IR-2100 and IR-2200 are widely used in the night observation and surveillance for soldiers, commanders, armed policemen and other law enforcers.

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IR-2300 Multifunctional Portable Infrared Thermal Camera

IR-2300 thermal camera combines UFPA camera parts, digital compass, laser range-finder, and day telescope. The camera can observe target in air, on ground and sea at day (by day telescope) and night (by infrared Thermal Viewer), as well as measuring the distance. It can be a handheld viewer for single soldier or a fixed monitoring camera. With outstanding performance like long working range, good covert function, penetrating thick smoke, dust, fog or total darkness enabling all-weather observation and monitoring, IR-2300 is a turn-key system for public safety, drug interdiction, forest fire prevention, and costal surveillance.

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IR2000 Long Range Thermal Binoculars

Military, Police, Anti-piracy, Anti-poaching, Security, SAR. Short, Medium and Long range detection.

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Thermal Imaging Binocular in its casing


Thermal Goggles with Head Mount

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